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I grew up in Minot, North Dakota. My hometown is surprising, not only because I've been living and working in New York City since 1998. My parents are Syrian immigrants. Why they chose to move to that small, cold place ninety miles from the Canadian border is a mystery, even to me. I blame their hopeful but naive belief in the American dream. They thought a tiny American town would be a wholesome place to raise their family, and it was. But nothing strikes fear in the hearts of small-town folk like dark-haired outsiders speaking a foreign tongue. All those years I spent in that frozen den of homogeneity inspired me to find my own way in the world. It has taken me on a journey through little-explored fields and given me the kind of enthusiasm for new experiences one can only have if they have nothing to lose.

Although I wanted to be a visual artist, my way out of North Dakota was through medicine. Even so, when I started medical school, I promised myself I would hold on to my creative dreams. In college, I minored in art and worked in the costume shop of the theater department. Writing came later when I was elbow deep in surgery and medical practice. Doctoring is an egoless practice. I believe the best doctors remove themselves and their own biases from their work, which is what I did. Writing was the one place I could be myself.

Fast forward many years later. I built my own , lost it during the pandemic, and am in the process of building it back up again. I've worked as one of the first female in New York State. I've run in . I've developed a new paradigm for assessing and treating moms and babies. I also treat and other professional singers. And, best of all, I'm the author of :

I look forward to writing more books, articles, and even screenplays. I love to write stories that make you think and question the world around you. You are welcome to follow my writing journey on Medium.

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